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Manufacturing Center
Basic information.

Anovo has set up a production center in Shanghai, which is located in the birthplace of G60 Science and Technology creation Corridor in the Yangtze River Delta, and has a number of international first-class automatic production lines. Currently, we are already a manufacturing base with two major centers, sheet metal machining center and electrical assembly center, and can independently produce and assemble all kinds of industrial computers and embedded system products from parts to finished products.

The manufacturing base takes the intelligent factory as the core, and has the systems of production process monitoring, product quality control, logistics warehousing management, etc. We achieve comprehensive and transparent management and control of manufacturing in manufacturing and production, effectively improve production decision-making ability, reduce management costs, and improve management efficiency, laying a solid foundation for good manufacturing quality.

Quality leading

Anovo always regards quality as the life of the enterprise, deeply implements the quality policy of "taking science and technology as the driving force and quality for development", insists on the improvement of technological capability driven by innovation, and leads the healthy development of the enterprise with quality. On the basis of establishing the quality system of ISO19001, the company has implemented higher manufacturing standards and strictly controlled the quality of products through systematic, standardized and institutionalized processes. In addition, we have also introduced a third-party authority for product testing, identification and certification, in order to further strengthen quality control and improve the technical capability and core competitiveness of enterprises.

Ingenious manufacture

Anovo Manufacturing Center takes ingenuity manufacturing as the core value at the beginning of its establishment. Based on the needs of enterprise strategic development, the company adopts the world's advanced production management system, which makes ingenuity manufacturing throughout the whole production chain. The unit layout is adopted in the production workshop, which can effectively save the flow distance of materials and make the production rhythm smoother. The production site adopts the parallel management mode of "5S" and "visualization", which makes the information transparent, the communication clear and the operation simple.

In terms of equipment management, advanced management methods are adopted to enable each employee to manage his or her own equipment as a master.In terms of personnel management, every front-line operator is the representative of multi-skilled workers, and standard operation has become a compulsory course for every employee in the production center.

In the aspect of production planning management, the management system of ERP has been successfully introduced, which makes it possible to send the production plan to the finished product in storage. The whole process is done in one go in ERP, which is very lean and smooth.