Facilitate high-speed free-flow toll collection and create a new pattern of smart travel

2021-05-20 191

As of January 1, 2021, China's total highway mileage has reached 160,000 kilometers, ranking first in the world. With the implementation of the removal of toll stations at the provincial boundary of highways across the country, the removal of toll stations at the provincial boundary is a change in toll mode and an important milestone witnessed by the digitalization of smart travel.


Anovo North China Science and Technology, as a leading manufacturer of industrial computers, has been ploughing the industry for 30 years, vigorously promoting highway digital solutions, combined with the needs of ministerial networking centers, to provide a full range of highway free-flow toll collection system.


In the highway field, Anovo North China Science and Technology launched quark-700 free flow exclusive industrial computer, which is widely used in highway toll system lane computer and lane controller. Through serial port, DIO and video acquisition card, the mainframe of industrial control computer (OBU), traffic signal light, alarm, character accumulator, fee display, automatic railing machine, canopy signal light, vehicle detector, ground sense coil, camera, card reader and so on to realize charging. In addition, it controls the lifting bar, so as to achieve the purpose of free passage of vehicles. Both ETC and MTC lanes can achieve "non-inductive passage" of expressways. Anovo North China Science and Technology provides a strong product solution to meet the needs of provincial owners.


Anovo North China Science and Technology quark-700 free flow exclusive industrial computer is customized according to the actual demand of highway toll system for many years. The device is equipped with a rich number of serial ports and IO ports, and has the function of card expansion. At the same time, the built-in high-performance embedded processor can provide strong edge AI processing capacity and support 5G/4G/Wi-Fi access. It can seamlessly transition to the era of 5G+AI edge computing in the future, and fully meet the equipment control needs of all kinds of track machines. At the same time, quark-700 adopts the embedded low power consumption maintenance-free design, which improves the stability of the whole machine operation, reduces the maintenance time of the staff, and saves the maintenance cost for the owner. The equipment is a star product characterized by energy saving and environmental protection, industrial specifications and perfect manufacturing level.


Commitment to our customers

The city where the national branch and office of Anovo North China Science and Technology is located can provide free door-to-door service during the warranty period, and paid door-to-door service can be provided in cities beyond the warranty period and without branches and offices.

Service tenet

Provide advisory services for national highway owners and deep partners to protect the sound development of China's highway industry.