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Technology R & D
Basic information

Anovo has set up a technology center in Shanghai. Since its inception, it has persisted in seeking development through scientific innovation, with technological research and development and personnel training as its development goals. In addition, adhering to the concept of "focusing on customer needs and satisfaction", we regard it as our duty to provide customized R & D services to customer satisfaction, and provide better solutions for customers in intelligent manufacturing, network communications, smart things, medical electronics, intelligent transportation, machine vision, self-service terminals, military and national defense and other industries.

The company attaches great importance to the research and development of new products, maintains a high investment in research and development every year, constantly increases the research and development of its own intellectual property rights, and on this basis, around the needs of customers, continuous improvement and innovation. At present, the company has obtained the 58 national patent, which has effectively given full play to the independent intellectual property advantages of the leading products, formed a continuous innovation mechanism, and established and maintained the company's leading position in technology.

Technical team

Anovo has created a technical R & D team led by an expert team with rich experience and strong innovation ability. the main technical R & D personnel are undergraduate or above, equipped with professional testing machine manufacturing and testing sites. At the same time, our technical service personnel have excellent industry knowledge and rich product experience. No matter where you are, as long as you let us know your needs by phone or Email, we will certainly provide you with honest, timely, thoughtful and high-quality technical services in the shortest possible time.

Meanwhile, on the basis of the existing R & D team structure, the company will continue to strengthen the introduction and training of excellent technical personnel, improve the construction of the company's R & D technical team, and attract high-end technology and R & D talents by virtue of the geographical and industrial advantages, policy guidance and information resources of the G60 Science and Technology creation Corridor in the Yangtze River Delta.

Operation mechanism

Since its establishment, the technology center has always attached importance to R & D investment, insisted on ensuring technological advantages in the first place of enterprise development, and the company is inclined to R & D personnel in terms of staff salary, post level, performance evaluation, etc. encourage scientific and technological innovation through practical measures. As a modern high-tech enterprise, the company has a high-level, high-quality, United and pragmatic technical R & D team.

For many years, the company has been taking continuous innovation as the core of corporate values, taking the road of technological innovation and new product development with independent intellectual property rights. After years of exploration, the company has formed a technological innovation mechanism with its own characteristics and has become a leading overall solution provider in the domestic industrial computer industry.